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Every member of our staff is committed to seeing that you succeed.
Muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, disc, and nerve issues are all covered by musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy.

Our commitment to restoring normal function and movement patterns, which helps you live more easily in your body and prevents recurrent recurrences, is what we think really sets us apart from other clinics.

We employ a manual treatment and rehabilitation strategy that is evidence-based and may involve soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation or manipulation, dry needling, taping, and electrotherapy.


Director & Senior Physiotherapist

Nish has been a private practitioner of musculoskeletal and manual physiotherapy for more than 16 years.

He specialises in manual therapy, rehabilitation, core strengthening, dry needling, and clinical pilates. He has a wealth of expertise treating complicated musculoskeletal issues. He is particularly interested in treating sports injuries, headaches, neck discomfort, and back pain. Nish is especially passionate in the treatment and avoidance of cricket and football injuries. He continues to play cricket and is an active sportsman, so he is aware of how important biomechanics and injury prevention are for people who lead active lives.


Senior Physiotherapist & Manager Clinical Services

Harish has a post-graduate degree in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy and has worked in the field for more than ten years. He spent four years working in private practise in Launceston before relocating to Melbourne.

He formerly served as the head sports physiotherapist at one of the top facilities for sports medicine in Mumbai, India, where he treated Bollywood stars and professional sportsmen. Along with his expertise in manual treatment, he also possesses a broad grasp of exercise science as a certified personal trainer from The American College of Sports Medicine. He enjoys staying active and spending time with his family and friends when he is not working.

Rachana Nayak

Musculoskeletal, NDIS and Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Rachana is a physiotherapist with a postgraduate degree who focuses on neurology and rehabilitation. Her area of expertise is pelvic health, and she has a strong interest in both children’s health and women’s health.

She gained interest in a variety of subjects as a result of her educational background and clinical expertise. sports injuries, neurological problems, post-operative rehabilitation, musculoskeletal injuries, and chronic condition treatment. She enjoys interacting with new people and assisting them in achieving the greatest possible health outcomes. She values the all-encompassing approach and collaborating with her patients to comprehend their journeys. Her areas of expertise include hydrotherapy, manual therapy, and patient-tailored exercise regimens to aid in patients’ recovery and rehabilitation. Since arriving to Melbourne, she has been working in private practise for the past 12 months.



Physiotherapist Bhavik Vijay Dadia is licenced in Australia, the United Kingdom, and India. He also completed a Masters in Advanced Clinical Physiotherapy (Sports) at the University of South Australia. He has been a clinician for more than three years.

His key strengths include exercise prescription, dry needling, taping, and manual therapy.

Including adolescent patients, Bhavik is interested about treating musculoskeletal and sports problems. He enjoys working with NDIS participants and has a keen interest in congenital illnesses and disabilities.

The most notable of his prior affiliations was being selected by FIFA to serve as the Referee delegation’s official physiotherapist at the FIFA U-17 World Cup.


Senior Physiotherapist & Manager Corporate Services

Kriti has more than 6 years of work experience treating musculoskeletal and sports-related problems. She has a Masters in Orthopaedics and Sports Rehabilitation.

Specialised in contemporary physiotherapy techniques including manual treatment, sports taping, dry needling, etc. actively engaged in the treatment of acute and chronic back and neck conditions, overuse injuries, work-related musculoskeletal diseases, acute and chronic sports injuries, etc. She enjoys playing tennis and cricket, and as a sports fan, she has a deep interest in athlete training and injury prevention. In addition to football, basketball, hockey, swimming, squash, badminton, and cricket, she has worked as an on-field physio for a variety of collegiate sporting events.


Practice Manager & Admin Officer

You hear Nitu’s lovely voice when you call Enrich Physio. She manages all our practices, appointments and patients reminders and calls.

Nitu’s is a commerce graduate and book keeper by trade. She is mother of 6 yr old lovely girl and loves to spend time with her daughter and 2 dogs in her free time. She loves going on walks with her dogs listing to her favourite music.