Prepatellar Bursitis

Ditch the Knee Nag: Conquering Prepatellar Bursitis with Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic

Feeling a pesky swelling around your kneecap? You might be grappling with prepatellar bursitis, an unwelcome inflammation that disrupts your knee’s smooth movement. But fear not! At Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic, we’re knee experts ready to guide you back to pain-free days.

Understanding the Troublemaker

Imagine tiny fluid-filled pillows cushioning your joints – that’s what bursae do. When overworked or injured, these pads can swell up, causing pain and discomfort. In prepatellar bursitis, the culprit is the bursa right in front of your kneecap, hence the noticeable lump.

Reasons for the Rise

  • Repetitive kneeling: Carpet layers, gardeners, and mechanics, your knees deserve a break! Frequent kneeling on hard surfaces puts extra strain on your prepatellar bursa, making it prone to inflammation.
  • Ouch! Direct blows: A nasty bump or fall can directly inflame your bursa, leading to sudden swelling and pain.
  • Infections, though rare: In some cases, bacteria can invade the bursa, causing a more serious type of bursitis called septic bursitis.

Unmasking the Symptoms

  • Swelling around the kneecap: Your knee will look plump and puffy, a telltale sign of a troubled bursa.
  • Knee pain: Bending, extending, or even just touching your knee can trigger shooting or aching pain.
  • Redness and warmth: The inflamed area might feel hot and appear reddened.
  • Fever and chills (with septic bursitis): If an infection is involved, these additional symptoms will raise the alarm.

Taming the Inflammation:

Our goal? Reduce the swelling and ease your pain, getting you back to your active life. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE) are your initial allies in the first 72 hours. But for lasting relief, trust the experts at Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic.

Your Path to Recovery with Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic

  • Precise diagnosis: Through a thorough examination, we’ll pinpoint the extent of the injury and ensure no other structures are affected.
  • Tailored treatment plan: No one-size-fits-all approach here! We’ll design a personalised program for you, using:
    • Targeted exercises: Strengthen and stabilise your surrounding muscles to support your knee and prevent future flare-ups.
    • Electrical stimulation: Gentle electric currents can reduce inflammation and promote healing.
    • Therapeutic taping: Strategic taping supports your knee and eases pain during everyday activities.
    • Hydrotherapy: The soothing properties of water can help manage swelling and improve range of motion.


Don’t let prepatellar bursitis slow you down! Partner with Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic and rediscover the joy of pain-free movement. Contact us today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!

Remember, at Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you ditch the knee nag and conquer prepatellar bursitis. Let’s work together to get you back on your feet – pain-free and smiling!