Meniscus Injury

Conquer Knee Pain with Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic: Meniscus Injuries and Your Path to Recovery

The meniscus, a C-shaped cartilage cushion nestled in your knee, is your silent guardian. It absorbs shock, distributes weight evenly, and keeps your knee gliding smoothly during movement. But when this silent hero gets injured, even simple actions can become agonising.

Understanding the Causes

Meniscus tears often strike during sudden twists or bends, common in activities like running, jumping, or squatting. Athletes in contact sports are particularly susceptible. As we age, the meniscus becomes more vulnerable due to natural wear and tear.

Recognising the Symptoms

The severity of your symptoms depends on the tear’s extent. However, common signs include:
Pain: A sharp or dull ache in the knee joint, sometimes radiating down the leg.
Swelling: Noticeable puffiness around the knee, especially after activity.
Restricted Range of Motion: Difficulty bending and straightening your knee fully.
Locking Episodes: The knee feels stuck or unable to move, often catching or giving way.

Physiotherapy at Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic: Your Bridge to Recovery

The good news is, most meniscus tears can be effectively managed with physiotherapy at Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic. Research shows that focused knee rehabilitation can achieve similar outcomes to surgery, making it an excellent long-term solution.


What Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic’s Physiotherapists Offer

Initial Protection and Healing: We’ll guide you on protecting the injured area while managing inflammation and pain.
Muscle Strengthening: We’ll gradually strengthen surrounding muscles to provide support and improve stability.
Functional Movement Restoration: We’ll help you regain your full range of motion and rebuild confidence in your knee.
Return to Activity: Our personalised program progressively increases load and intensity, allowing you to safely return to your desired activities, whether it’s sports or everyday routines.


Post-Operative Support

If surgery is necessary, Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic’s physiotherapy team is your trusted partner in recovery. We’ll:
Guide You Through Weight-Bearing Restrictions: Ensuring proper healing requires respecting these limitations.
Optimise Tissue Healing: Specific techniques promote optimal healing and scar tissue management.
Restore Strength and Function: We’ll design a tailored program to regain full range of motion and strength, paving the way for a complete return to all your activities.

Don’t let a meniscus injury hold you back! Contact Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic today and let our skilled physiotherapists help you conquer knee pain and reclaim your active lifestyle.

Remember, at Braybrook Physio & Allied Health Clinic, we’re committed to helping you move freely and painlessly again. Let us be your guide on the path to recovery.